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Re: [IPp] Jillian's father

with higher bs infections tend to run rampant in any spot they happen in. so 
yes he could be very septic (meaning even blood infection) from just an 
inflamed gallbladder, his poor risk for surgery is most likely due to his 
poor health in general and the fact that he is very ill currently with the 
infection, even in a non diab person this ill they would do antibiotics for a 
couple of days before proceeding.
being on a vent at this point i am guessing here is due to his bs being even 
more out of whack from the infection, causing severe dka possibly.
i think that if the dr's don't think he will make it and the kids want to see 
him then explain the situation to them and that he is very ill and it may be 
the last time they see him, if they don't want to see him i wouldn't push the 
issue, often after a couple days of antibiotics they have a huge turn around 
and are much better.
it sure is a difficult position to be in under any circumstances and even 
worse with having a child with diab also and her questioning afterwards would 
be heartbreaking, but you can assure her that anyone can have a bad 
gallbladder/infected gallbladder and it hardly ever makes anyone this ill, 
but it was due to the fact that his bs was too high when he first got the 
infection that made him this sick.
(of course i am assuming here, from the info you have given us and the info  
of 21 yrs of nursing)
hope all ends well and he gets well enough fast to have surgery.
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