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Re: [IPp] Jillian's father

> I have a question.  Well I guess I have a few.  Jillian's father, type 1
> years, is back in the hospital in ICU on a vent.  This time his
> is the culprit, causing a raging infection and he's in such bad shape
> afraid to operate on him.  (Just some background-we're divorced, he never
> took care of himself and has every complication, kidney failure, eye
> heart disease, amputations, and on and on.)  Question one:  anyone heard
of a
> gallbladder problem like this and is it diabetes related?  Question two:
> What on earth am I going to tell the kids if he dies?  Every time he gets
> new complication Jillian looks at me and says will that happen to me?  God
> hate this.  And should I let them see him?  The kids are 10 and 12 and
> haven't seen him since Fathers' Day.  I just hate the thought of them
> him in ICU on a vent, but I also don't want anyone to have any regrets.  I
> just don't know what to do.  Thanks and sorry so long.
> Kelly, Mom of Jillian 12(dx'd Feb 2001), Patrick 10 and Erin 2
> Happily married to Steve


My uncle had type 1 diabetes for years.  He lived to be in his early 80's,
but had many complications.  I remember visiting him after having had his
legs amputated and his health failing.  Back when he was 1st diagnosed
things weren't has advanced as they are now, also they didn't know as much.
Thank God, things have changed, but knowledge is only as good as we use it.

My father smoked for years, 2 1/2 packs a day.  He wouldn't quit, no matter
what we said or did.  I still loved him even though I believed him to be
foolish and selfish.  My kids were taught very early on that smoking is bad
for you and that my father was hurting himself and those that loved him.  My
kids were very close to their grandfather.  I believe watching him die from
cancer taught them what cigarettes can do and they are very much against

My son and I have talked about my uncle who suffered from diabetes and the
complications.  I use him as an example so as to impress upon my son the
importance of taking good care of himself.

I think your kids are old enough to understand that this is what happens
when a person makes the wrong choices in life.  It doesn't make their father
a bad person, just a very foolish one.  Let them see their father, so there
are no regrets.  And, hopefully it will impress upon Jillian the importance
of taking care of herself!  Just emphasizes that this doesn't have to happen
to her!

Good Luck, Kelly

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