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[IPp] Jillian's father

I have a question.  Well I guess I have a few.  Jillian's father, type 1 34 
years, is back in the hospital in ICU on a vent.  This time his gallbladder 
is the culprit, causing a raging infection and he's in such bad shape they're 
afraid to operate on him.  (Just some background-we're divorced, he never 
took care of himself and has every complication, kidney failure, eye damage, 
heart disease, amputations, and on and on.)  Question one:  anyone heard of a 
gallbladder problem like this and is it diabetes related?  Question two:  
What on earth am I going to tell the kids if he dies?  Every time he gets a 
new complication Jillian looks at me and says will that happen to me?  God I 
hate this.  And should I let them see him?  The kids are 10 and 12 and 
haven't seen him since Fathers' Day.  I just hate the thought of them seeing 
him in ICU on a vent, but I also don't want anyone to have any regrets.  I 
just don't know what to do.  Thanks and sorry so long.

Kelly, Mom of Jillian 12(dx'd Feb 2001), Patrick 10 and Erin 2 
Happily married to Steve
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