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Re: [IPp] lost basal rates

> Deborah,
> Yes, I too have a 15 year old who is a boy. It is like pulling teeth to
get him to write down numbers, food, bolus' and basal rates. We even
downloaded a computer program from BGtracker (it is free) to do everything
on the comuter. We have to stay on top of him or he won't do it. He is
really good about everything else. He keeps most of his info in his head. I
have learned to keep  a log of my own and when I go to the doctors or talk
to them on the phone I write everything down in my own log book so I can
keep up with any changes. Hope this helps.
> Robyn

Deborah and Robyn,

My son is 14, dx only a little over a year ago and just started pumping in
May.  Things may change, but for now he's keeping pretty good records.  The
reason, he records everything in his palm pilot.  It does the insulin calc.
that he has trouble doing in his head, so he has to input the data.  I don't
know if this would help, but it might be worth a try.

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