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Re: [IPp] Ex-Spouses . . .


How terrible...but oh how I can relate. My biological father also has type 1 
Diabetes, he is not on the pump. He still takes insulin injections.  He is an 
alcoholic, a wife beater, and a very very irresponsible diabetic. The 
miraculous thing is that so far he has no complications and his 66yrs old.  I 
don't even mind saying that I despise him.  I see too many children get 
diagnosed and face complications every day while doing their best to eat 
right, exercise and take the best possible care of themselves, and then you 
have an older adult who takes his insulin shots when he feels like it, goes 
into reactions just for the fun of it, and so on.  I have not spoken to him 
in four yrs, and before that was only once in two yrs.  When he found out my 
five yr old was diagnosed, and he came to visit (why I let him, I'll never 
know)...he said that I torture my child by testing him so much.  I asked him 
to leave!  Have not heard from him since.  This is a serious disease, and is 
to be taken serious...I don't have patience for people who don't feel the 
same.   My son knows what he can and cannot eat, he asks if things have sugar 
in them, or if a soda is diet. He prefers fruit to candy and only splurges 
when it is a birthday.  This is his choice, it is the way he has been taught 
how to take care of his diabetes. He knows how he feels when he is high and 
low and he always says it is not worth it to have the sweets.
Mom to Matthew 5yrs old...Paradigm Pumper and to Victoria 7yrs old, non-d
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