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Re: [IPp] lost basal rates

Hi Deb:
     I can't believe it's three years already since Eve began 
pumping.....Here's my solution to the identical problem- only we got the 
phone call at 4:00 a.m. from Melissa (who was in college in New York City)!! 
Her brand-new Paradigm had lost all memory when she replaced the battery, and 
of course she had NOTHING written down. Fortunately when she was sick one 
year ago with mono & anemia, she'd lost about 10 lbs & we'd reconfigured all 
of her basals. Those rates were still hanging up in her bedroom at 
home.....NOT what her rates were exactly, but it was a "reasonable" place to 
   The next morning she called her CDE & got the latest basal rates & 
re-programmed her pump.
    When the battery problem happened again, we
 a) called Minimed & got a new pump- which has not done the same thing upon 
changing the battery......and....
 b) took 2 hot pink 3x5 index cards, cut them in half, and wrote the basal 
rates on the cards & put them in the pocket of EVERY meter she uses ( rotates 
between 3 of the same style Precision QID
     Of course, having done that, she hasn't needed it since...but at least 
it's THERE in the most likely place. She ALWAYS has a meter with her, but as 
for keeping records.......that went the way of carbon paper I think!! If she 
kept records, she'd be doing even better & would see "patterns" etc, but if 
this is "as good as it gets" for a 19 yr old, checking at least 6 times per 
day, I can accept that. I often say that mature, committed adult pumpers use 
their pumps "pro-actively", figuring in exercise, carefully planning meals, 
etc.....for teenagers, it's more commonly a matter of using it "reactively", 
correcting for erroneous "guesstimates", BUT...if the ultimate goal is to 
shorten the duration of ANY highs, then the frequent checking isn't an 
unacceptable compromise on the road to maturity. I think our kids with 
diabetes do an AMAZING job dealing with this 24/7, so I've learned to choose 
what is or isn't "negotiable".
Renee (pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa - dx'd 9/16/92...pump 3/15/96)
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