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Re: [IPp] Nightmares

In a message dated 7/12/02 6:27:55 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< Hey everybody, A few nights ago our son Jeffrey(dx 5/00,pumping since Feb),
 woke up in what we thought was a seizure(he has had them before)When we
 checked his bg it was 72, low, but not that low.  Anyway, he was screaming,
 and totally out of it, we now think he wasnt even awake, yet he says he
 remembers it.  We could not get him to drink or anything, and he was 
 over something to do with SpiderMan . It was a horrible experience and he has
 had milder versions twice since with normal bg.  Has anyone ever experienced
 anything like this?  We know that Jeffrey has a low threshold for seizure
 activity, but this was so different, and the only thing I could do to bring
 him out this am was to pray with him and eventually he was back to his old
 self.  Any ideas would be appreciated! >>

My kids used to have night terrors when they were that young.  They would 
appear awake, have their eyes open, but in reality they were still asleep.  I 
would soothingly tell them it's okay and to close their eyes and go back to 
sleep.  It did get my heart racing!  It's scary when their eyes are wide open 
and they babble frightening things.
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