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Re: [IPp] Re: middle of the night checks

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Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 2:41 AM
Subject: [IPp] Re: middle of the night checks

> I spoke with Megan's Endo's nurse yesterday, and she
> said that no I should not have to test Megan every
> night.
> Question I have for ones testing in the middle of the
> night--are the kids in control? if so why is the basal
> being adjusted to take care of the problems that are
> arising at night?

Usually, my son has great control.  However, he does have type 1 diabetes.
It is impossible to perfectly mimic the complex metabolic process that so
many people without diabetes take for granted.  Therefore, there are nights
when he tends to be low all night and there are nights when he tends to be
high all night despite all of our best efforts.  Furthermore, the pump is a
mechanical device and they can fail as can the sets delivering the insulin.
I shudder to think what would happen if his site failed soon after bedtime
and I let him sleep for 12 hours.

In addition to avoiding the life-threatening consequences of very low and
very high blood sugars, I choose to lose a little sleep so that my son can
wake up most mornings feeling good.  I feel I am improving his quality of
life and contributing to keeping his life as happy and carefree as possible.

I do believe there will be a cure in his lifetime and my focus is to keep
him perfectly healthy until that time.  This is one more reason that I keep
as good as control as possible.  I can't do that if I ignore 1/3 of every

Choosing to check your child is a personal decision.  And I would never
presume to say that you're a bad parent if you do or if you don't do
nighttime checks.  We all want to feel that we have done the best for our
children that we possibly could.  Nighttime checks are part of that for me.
I could never live with myself if something happened to him and I felt I
could have done more.

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