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Re: [IPp] Middle of the Night Checks?

> > If a low does knock them out and they have no assistance they will
> probably
> > come to and recover from it  naturally in a few hours after the insulin
> > wears off (or in the case of a pumper - after the Auto-Off shuts the
> > down). On the other hand if they got knocked out by an uncontrolled high
> > (DKA, etc.) and did not receive external assistance then they would not
> > recover. So by my book night time lows are not that frightening.
> Pat,
> We're new to the pump.  I'm not sure I understand the Auto-Off part.  Can
> you enlighten me? How would the pump know you're low and shut off?  I've
> heard, from our Endo and from other pumpers on this list, about seizures,
> and frankly it scares me to death.  Luckily, my son hasn't had any since
> diagnosed, but I've heard they're more common on the pump.
> Carol

The Auto-Off function is a feature on The MiniMed Pumps (and probably the
others as well) that sounds an alarm and discontinues all insulin if a
button is no pushed during a specified period of time (I set mine at 14
hours). The logic is that if a diabetic passes out because of low BG and
there is no one available to help  them then the basal insulin (if adjusted
correctly) would maintain the low until the unit stopped delivering insulin.
With the auto-off feature that is less than 14 hours (or whatever you set it
at). With out the feature it would be until the reservoir is empty. Auto-off
is a worst-case scenario feature.

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