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Re: [IPp] Middle of the Night Checks?

> Dear Carol,
>   Someone (an adult who pumps and is a pharmicist) mentioned something
> is coming out that is better than a glucowatch....can't remember what it
> called, I'm sorry, she wasn't even sure of it's exact name..but she said
> that when it comes out to fight with the insulrance company to get it.  I
> believe it hooks into you just like a pump and takes constant blood sugar
> reading....I'll do some investigating and get back to you on it.
> Cindy


Possibly the pharmacist means the MM continueous glucose monitor?  The thing
with the GlucoWatch is it's noninvasive.  With the MM CGM you have to insert
it like the pump and I don't think hooking up to something else all the time
is the way to go.

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