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Re: [IPp] Middle of the Night Checks?

We also were told that middle of the night checks were no longer needed.  I 
check my son at 9pm and then again at 11pm and again when he wakes up in the 
morning. He has been in range for every check for about two wks now.  
BUT....the last two nights he has been high in the 300's. At first when I 
checked him at 11pm and he was 372, I freaked out, re tested him three times, 
and then checked our meter for accuracy, I could not believe my eyes.  We 
have had way more problems with lows than highs since pumping. I corrected 
and then re-tested an hour later. And in the morning he woke up in 
range...weird huh!  Then last night he went to bed at 9pm and was 89...I was 
told to make sure he was 100 before going to bed, but I remembered our 
problem the night before, and put him to bed at 89.  And again at 1am this 
time, he was in the upper 300's.....so I corrected and changed basals, but 
this morning he woke up in the 200's. I will put a call in to our endo this 
morning, just to go over numbers and basals since we haven't spoken in about 
a month. I am sooooo mad at this, we have been doing so good too.  And the 
thing that makes me mad, is that I have no clue what caused the highs.  When 
I was checking in the middle of the night, my son was always low, until we 
got the basals right....never worried about the highs.
But my son will toss and turn and talk in his sleep when he is running high, 
so I know even before I test him. When he is low, he is pale and sweaty, and 
does not change sleeping positions....
I love the pump, and I trust my endo completely and our diabetic educator as 
well. Her son is also a diabetic on the pump, and I know she would not do 
anything to compromise my son's safety and health. She is very knowledeable.
Mom to Matthew 5yrs old...Paradigm Pumper and to Victoria 7yrs old, non-d
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