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Re: [IPp] Ex-Spouses . . .


I also have an ex husband. Although it was always important to me that we 
have an open and honest relationship, we do have our times of not agreeing. 
For us, or for him actually, is to remember that WE are the parents and we 
need to act like it.  Otherwise was role models are we being for our kids.
I also am the primary caregiver for our kids.  I know just about all there is 
to know about Diabetes, and since pumping is still new to me, I am going to 
continue to learn.  My ex does not insert or do site changes, partly because 
my son won't let him....but if I were in those shoes, I'd insist on learning, 
I would want to be there, be in the decision making, and in the learning....
Mom to Matthew 5yrs old...Paradigm Pumper and to Victoria 7yrs old, non-d
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