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Re: [IPp] Ex-Spouses . . .

and on top of this I've got all this crap coming indirectly
> from my ex about how I'm "letting" her run high, how I'm not restricting
> carbs enough and she's going to get fat, etc. etc. etc. etc. . . . EXCUSE
> ME?!?!?

I was the one who researched pumping.  I was the one who fought to
> get an endo that would put her on the pump.  I was the one that wrangled
> the insurance company for months.  I'm the one who goes into school evey
> and trains all the faculty and staff.  Ilm the one who talks to all the
> parents when she has a play date or a sleepover . . . I've been the one
> has provided 75% of her diabetes care over the last year while she was
> pumping and have managed to keep her a1cs under 7% despite the onslaught
> puberty -- and guess what she's 98% in height for her age and only 90th %
> weight and gets plenty of exercise because I  make sure she gets signed up
> for the kinds of activities that she likes to do . . . .
> . . . . breathe, Lyndy, breathe . . .
> I feel better now . . . maybe I'll be able to get some sleep . . . at
> until the nxt BG check rolls around


Go ahead and vent.  I know just how you feel.  I've no ex, but I do it All
too.  Sure would like to share those BG checks and maybe get some sleep
sometime.  Hang in there, girlfriend!
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