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[IPp] Ex-Spouses . . .

Pardon me while I vent . . . Those of you who don't have an ex-spouse: count 
your blessings and skip the following paragraphs . . . those that do -- 
already know what it's like, so you might as well skip it and get a little 
extra shut eye instead . . .

Katie's numbers have been all over the place for the last two weeks -- not at 
all like what we've seen in the last year, but exactly what our endo warned 
to expect at some point  . . . Insulin resistent highs for two or three or 
four checks in a row followed by something in the 70s or 60s or maybe even 
upper 50s when one of the corrective doses finally acts like insulin instead 
of water . . . Sometimes it's day times, sometimes it's night times . . . and 
I'm usually up every 2-3 hours at night to see what's happening and to do 
corrective boluses, or make sure the last one didn't send her low, or to give 
her an injection this time just in case it's a kinked cannula and not insulin 
resistence --- and on top of this I've got all this crap coming indirectly 
from my ex about how I'm "letting" her run high, how I'm not restricting her 
carbs enough and she's going to get fat, etc. etc. etc. etc. . . . EXCUSE 
ME?!?!?  I was the one who researched pumping.  I was the one who fought to 
get an endo that would put her on the pump.  I was the one that wrangled with 
the insurance company for months.  I'm the one who goes into school evey year 
and trains all the faculty and staff.  Ilm the one who talks to all the 
parents when she has a play date or a sleepover . . . I've been the one who 
has provided 75% of her diabetes care over the last year while she was 
pumping and have managed to keep her a1cs under 7% despite the onslaught of 
puberty -- and guess what she's 98% in height for her age and only 90th % for 
weight and gets plenty of exercise because I  make sure she gets signed up 
for the kinds of activities that she likes to do . . . . ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH 
. . . . breathe, Lyndy, breathe . . .  
I feel better now . . . maybe I'll be able to get some sleep . . . at least 
until the nxt BG check rolls around
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