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Re: [IPp] Pump on Order!

I;m happy to hear you be up and pumping soon! And I'm sorry to hear that you 
didn't get the pump of your choice but it is true any pump is better than 
MDI. My son uses the MM508 and I have to say we have been thrilled with it, 
it is easy enough to use, he does all his own boluses and he's only 6.We 
don't wear it in the leather case and never had a problem with the static, 
and as far as it being waterproof , we always dissconnect for swimming or a  
bath . Not to be stupid but I don't know where he would put it for a shower, 
and for swimming he would have a major low if he was getting any basal at 
all. I never worry about it being waterproof in rain or anything like that 
because he wears it in pump pockets I've sewn in his pants so it is protected 
a little that way. Just wanted to tell our experiences, of courseYMMV.
Good Luck and Happy Pumping!
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