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[IPp] re: 508 static - fix it w/ dryer sheet

<<<Marie wrote:
That is what concerned me the most.  There were other benefits of the Animas 
that I appreciated, but the main troubling MM issue for me was the static 
electricity thing.  I did discuss it with my doctor.  

For MM users:  I've heard you have to use the leather cover at all times to 
minimize this issue.  Is that true?  How many have really had this static 
electricity thing as an issue?>>>>>>>

Our son Luke, 7, has been pumping w/ a MM508 for about 1.5 years now.  He
alternates between the leather case & a green neoprene case (his favorite
color). When we first started pumping, I was fortunate to be on the "adult"
insulin-pumpers list, and a wonderful lady who's had Type1 for >50 years & has
been pumping for many years recommended putting part of a used dryer sheet in
the pump case w/ the 507/508.   We've had 1 static alarm during that time - and
it was when that poor dryer sheet had been in the case for weeks.  Since then,
we change the dryer sheet every time we change the reservoir & have had no more
pump static issues.

We do disconnect the 508 for those playground plastic tunnel slides - you can
see the static on the kids' hair & hear the snapping when they slide down, so
we do this as a precaution.  

I also recommend keeping the current basal rate written down someplace - I keep
it on sheet w/ his bg records.  

We've been pleased w/ the 508 - Luke feels so much better than when he was on
MDI.  Good luck to you!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 MM508, Novolog 10/01

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