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Re: [IPp] Pump on Order!

> I wish our pump was waterproof for every reason BUT swimming and bathing
> (Kryssy tends to go low while swimming and she generally bathes just
> we insert a new site).  However, this summer several occasions have arisen
> where I wished her pump was waterproof.  It wasn't the end of the world
> that it wasn't, we just had to disconnect but it would have been nicer to
> just have a waterproof pump and not have to stop the flow of things.  I'll
> give you a few examples:

All the pumps (I think, The MM 508 for sure) are splash-proof and can
tolerate brief  sprayings or accidents (dropping in the tub, etc.) Water
from wet garment or brief spraying are not likely to be a problem. Just
don't leave it immersed and dry it off as soon as practical (particularly
around the battery compartment).

The examples you gave seem pretty safe to me. But you might want to talk to
the pump's clinical help people about the specific examples. You may get a
pleasant surprise.

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