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Re: [IPp] reservoir question

> It's not that I think that starting a new bottle of insulin is a bad idea,
> but..... I regularly use up one bottle of insulin, then start another
> of insulin to finish off a resevoir.  Also, I sometimes will re-fill a
> resevoir that is partly used, if there's too much insulin to throw out,
> not enough to be away from home or something.  I learned that little trick
> on the adult Insulin-pumper's web site.  It's a closed system, so really
> germs are unlikely to get into the insulin, and it has preservatives in
> even if one managed to sneak through.  Jenna's never had a site infection,
> so I guess there hasn't been any problem with it.
> Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed age 8, pumping age 9


I feel the same way.  I was told an insulin bottle will keep off
refrigeration for one month, so we tend to use up most of the resevoir.
(Unless, the insulin has been exposed to extreme heat. We live in Arizona,
so have to be careful) If we have to put in a new site (came off swimming,
or pulling out wrestling) then I don't necessarily change the resevoir and
tubing too.

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