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[IPp] reservoir question

It's not that I think that starting a new bottle of insulin is a bad idea,
but..... I regularly use up one bottle of insulin, then start another bottle
of insulin to finish off a resevoir.  Also, I sometimes will re-fill a
resevoir that is partly used, if there's too much insulin to throw out, but
not enough to be away from home or something.  I learned that little trick
on the adult Insulin-pumper's web site.  It's a closed system, so really
germs are unlikely to get into the insulin, and it has preservatives in it,
even if one managed to sneak through.  Jenna's never had a site infection,
so I guess there hasn't been any problem with it.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed age 8, pumping age 9
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