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[IPp] reservoir questions

On our last site change, we were near the end of the bottle of Humalog.  We 
had a small amount left, but we didn't think it would be enough to totally 
fill the amount we use in a reservoir.  Not sure of what to do, we discarded 
the bottle (not even 28 days old) with the small amount left, and just 
started a new bottle, because we knew we would definitely have enough 
Humalog that way to fill the reservoir.  This seems wasteful, and we would 
rather not do this...

My questions are:
Is it okay to use up Humalog from one bottle and top it off with Humalog 
from a new bottle?  Are there problems (more chance of bubbles in the 
reservoir, contamination, mixing opened and fresh Humalog compromising the 
effectiveness of the combined insulin in the reservoir)?  Do any other 
families do this?  Any problems I didn't mention, or validation of the ones 
I did?

Thanks very much for your replies,
mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping with Paradigm 6/02

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