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Re: [IPp] Teen Chat Room

> > My son, Devin (14),has gone to the diabetes pumping chat room
> > several times to see if any teens are in there.  So far it's always
> > empty.  Do any of you with teens go into the teen chats to talk?
> > Carol email @ redacted
> We had a young lady who has since gone off to college that was the
> teen chat host. Another would be nice, but there have been no
> volunteers yet. There is really nothing magic about doing it. A
> notice is sent out to remind YIP members of the regular chat times
> and occasionally a guest gets rounded up for questions etc.... We've
> had the "Pump Girls" and former Miss America and a few others as I
> recall. The easiest way to start a teen chat is to post to YIP that
> there will be a chat at such - and - such a time with about a days
> notice to participants.
> If anyone has a teen at home that would like to volunteer :-) we
> could use a YIP chat host. We currently have a dozen or so chat hosts
> but no young people.
> Michael
> email @ redacted


How does Devin go about signing up for the YIP list?  Could you, please send
him instructions?


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