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Re: [IPp] Middle of the Night Checks?

> We sent in our son's log to his endo for her to do a "pre-pump
> review".  She was out for the holiday weekend, but her partner was
> looking over them & noted that we were still doing 2am BG checks. 
> She recommended that we do away with them, but naturally I'm
> freaked.  As much as we would love to sleep, this has been our life
> for over a year & I worry about lows.  
> What we've noticed is that we can usually predict when he has the
> possibility of going low (due to exercise or not wanting much
> evening snack, etc.), so we're considering just checking on those
> nights.  But I still worry (that's a parent for you!).  It would be
> so foreign to us *not* to do them!!!!  And naturaly, when he begins
> the pump, we'll need to do them again for awhile!
> How many of you still do these checks?  Even during those "constant
> numbers" periods?

Until Lily left for college, I checked her every night between 2 - 
3am. Quite a few times I found her low and once, a number of years 
ago, crashed and in mild convlusions. Last night I check her twice 
and the night before three times as she kept getting low all night -- 
several 40's and 50's. Needless to say, her basals have been lowered. 
Last night she was pretty much steady as a rock until about 4:30 when 
her bg's started to rise. 

Michael -- Still tweaking basals after 8 years.
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