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Re: [IPp] Carb Ratios

In a message dated 7/9/2002 1:44:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I wonder which method is easier?????

I think whichever method you know is probably "easier" . . .  

One big thing I like about carb counting is that it is more precise -- 
because I can dose more precisely on the pump that I ever could with a 
syringe and because the "carb units"  method are really a ballpark method 
with a "unit" or "serving" actually ranging anywhere from 10-12 grams of 
carbs to maybe 20 or more . . . Just look at the nutrition labels on various 
packages of bread at the grocery store and you'll see what I mean.  One slice 
of bread is considered one carb unit, but I have seen sliced bread ranging 
from 10 grams of carbs to 28 (and bread is one of the easier things to deal 

When Katie was diagnosed they basically showed us both the carb unit method 
and the carb counting method.  ALthough the BDC favors carb counting, they 
recognize that the math is not something some people are comfortable with . . 
. All of us went for for carb counting right off the bat for a variety of 
reasons -- one of which being is that people (especially kids) just don't 
naturally eat in "carb unit" sized servings.  Granted, this meant that we 
ended up doing a lot of weighing and measuring of food in the beginning of 
carb counting in order to get it right, but now all of us, even my daughter 
are pretty good at eyeballing food (even at a restaurant) and coming up with 
carb estimates that are nearly always pretty right on . . . and, thanks to 
the pump, even if we're off, it's quick and easy to fix when we check two 
hour later.

Just my 2 cents
Pumpmama to Katie (11)
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