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No Subject

I just want to say that you guys are wonderful.  90% of my questions are 
already answered when I log on to check my mail, and your helpful advice is 
always right there for me.
  Jessy has been pumping for almost a month now.  Love it!  We have 
occasional highs (mostly in late afternoon, early evening) we are probobly 
going to up her evening basal from .4 to .5.  I want to talk to the endo 
first though.We have had a few problems with sticking, but for the most 
part, we do OK with that.  We had crystalization once, but will be switching 
to Novalog.  Our pharmacy just will not carry it, so we have to switch 
pharmacies for the Novalog only.
  The only problem we seem to have is the battery in the paradigm needs to 
be changed every week.  Does anyone out there who uses the paradigm have the 
same problem, or is it just us?My Aunt, a doctor, seems to think that maybe 
there is a defect in the pump.  I think that it is just how it is, and 
willing to change the battery once a week for the benifits that the paradigm 
Thanks for all the help and support!
Cindy, pump mom to Jessy, age 8

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