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[IPp] Sticking problems with pumping insulin

Just passing on to you all what Micheal did up so well on sticking problems.
Thanks to Barb C for sending this to me..
Making It Stick

Problems with tape or getting sets to stick are one of the most common
complaints from new pumpers with an active lifestyle. Takeheart, they are
usually fairly easily solved. The problems fall into two categories and the
solutions are very similar. For those whoseskin has an allergic reaction to
the tape, using barrier wipes,changing the kind of set (and thus the stickum
on the set), changingtape or using "under taping" almost always fixes the
problem. Thevarious barrier wipes are mentioned below.

For straight old "it won't stick" problems the solution is still fairly easy.
Two things (aside from swimming) contribute to problems with getting the tape
to stick to skin. The first is often overlooked.

Bath bars that contain skin softners tend to leave a film on the skin that can
interfere with the ability of the tape and set to stick to the skin. Bathing
with a "plain" soap or so-called "hard" bath barusually does the trick. For
more pervasive sticking problemsadditional measures can be taken. If
"sweating" is the problem, applying a PLAIN unsented stick or spray
anti-perspirant and allowing it to dry before prepping the area helps. Don't
use a roll-on as they may contain oils or lotions. For really hard problems,
you can resort to ostomy adhesives -- this is what many kids and swimmers use
whenthey can't get the standard preparation methods to work.

Standard prep, remove those steps that you don't need, don't use orare
inappropriate for your type of infusion set (some types of overtaping).

apply antiperspirant, let dry
apply Providine or other Iodine based prep, let dry
remove excess with alcohol pad, let dry
apply skin prep, let dry
apply gorilla snot if needed, let dry
apply undertape if necessary to help stick or to suppress allergic
skin reaction apply infusion set apply over tape if necessary

Products: most are available at either ostomy supply houses (look in the
yellow pages under Medical Supplies

Gorilla Snot type adhesives: try these suppliers
Mastisol - available as pads and liquid -- buy the liquid, it is expensive,
but a single bottle will last up to a year or more made by Ferndale
Laboratories, Inc, Ferndale, Michigan. 1-888-548-0900 is their toll free

Tincture of Benzoin -- spray and liquid by York Pharmacal Brookfield, MO
64628. Used by athletes to keep tape wraps on sweaty legs, feet, etc....
available at many pharmacies
Hollister 7730 spray adhesive
Skin-Bond (Smith & Nephew)
- --------------
- ------------------
Cavilon Cream made by 3M (1-800-2283957) product number is 3392 Durable
Barrier Cream.

Adhesive removers:
Unisolve -- Smith & Nephew
De-solv-it 1-800-877-7771. also available at Walmart an Kroger stores in
cleaning section
AllKare - Adhesive Remover Wipe NDC 0003-0374-43 order no. 37443
Wal-Mart's "Goo Gone" a bottle is less than $5
plain old baby oil,
fingernail polish remover (acetone with oil added)

Barrier wipes:
AllKare Protective Barrier -- Convatec NDC 0003-0374-44 order no. 37444
IV-Prep -- Smith & Nephew
Bard Protective Barrier Film, -- liquid and wipes Catalog # 740013 made by
C.R. Bard Inc. Murray Hill NJ 07974

Tapes and tape patches:
Hypafix like a cotton bandaid
3m Micropore
Kendall Polyskin II
Smith & Nephew "Opsite #4575"
various paper tapes available at pharmacies

Hope this helps,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director Insulin Pumpers Inc.

Barb Chafe
Insulin Pumpers Nova Scotia
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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