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Re: [IPp] Middle of the Night Checks?

i do nite time checks every nite that i am home and when i am not home (i 
work nites at least twice a week) someone does them for me or  alisha is up 
and i call her to do it. she often sleeps the better part of the day (has 
bipolar) and i test her often then as well, during the nite she is more apt 
to be hi and need correction unless she has been roller blading or something 
an awful lot.
during the day when she sleeps she goes low frequently as her pump is usually 
in the #1 mode and running the day time rate of basal, we have made another 
mode of basals for when she sleeps during the day and this is helping 
eliminate the lows.
my daughter has had seizures 3 times while sleeping and i will never stop 
testing her during the nite. she has had only one since pumping about a yr 
ago, and that was from roller blading and she was spending the nite at a 
friends house.
mom to alisha almost 13, pumping since 1-6-00, dx 2-2-98
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