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Re: Re: [IPp] Middle of the Night Checks?

I just wanted to pitch in my .02 here, we ALWAYS check in the night, usually twice, not just to catch LOWS anymore, but to catch HIGHS. At age 12, her growth hormones are very active at night. We check spuratically, rarely at the same time, according to her food intake or activity level, and bedtime bG, and almost always end up correcting in some way, either decreasing delivery or increasing delivery or even bolusing. We rarely see any consistency in her patterns and change basel setting only after seeing a definite pattern.

 We have very tight control for a pre-teen, her last a1c was 7.6 and the doc said DON'T go any lower.... so we continue the program we are on.

I am a firm beliver in checking during the night.

Connie Miller
Ariana, age 12 
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