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Re: [IPp] drops of fluid from pulled out site

> I know I have heard this discussed before, but don't remeber the
> details.  My son was high so I bolused a correction and checked
> again 50 minutes later.  He was still high so I gave him an
> injection and changed his site.  When I pulled the old site out, I
> drop of liquid came rolling out.  I didn't think to see if it
> smelled like insulin.  It did look perfectly clear.  I assume there
> is good reason to believe that the insulin was not being absorbed at
> this site.  What can cause this?

1) An hour later it would not have been absorbed, only some fraction 
of it. See the insulin uptake curves in the package insert that comes 
with the bottle of insulin.
2) what you probably saw was serum with perhaps some insulin mixed 
in. This is more likely.

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