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Re: [IPp] Mastisol

Anyonegot  any suggestions?  I don't know what the heck to do now. 
know anything  else that we can use? 

Thru the winter we used IV prep, the sil's site, and IV3000 over the
sil's (with a small hole cut in it for detaching the pump) this worked
very well......until hot sweaty weather came, and lotsa time in our pool.
What we have used for the past month or so, with great success is
'Benzoin'. I got a 2oz bottle at our pharmacy for about $3, I paint it on
with a Q-tip in a square the size of the IV3000, allow it to dry about
60-90 seconds, then poke in the sil's in the center of that painted
square, and apply the IV3000 over it. His site's have stayed firmly in
place despite daily swimming.

Lisa Harris, Michigan, mom of Andrew, 3yrs old, pumping 10mos.


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