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Re: [IPp] question concerning morning lows

> My son is using the paradigm and novolog. Question concerning
> morning lows in the 50's. At midnight he's in the high 90's and at
> 3:00am he is 137. Then when we wake up in the morning he has dropped
> to 50's.
> We have changed his basal from .4 to .3 at midnight to 6:00am and
> then back to .4
> Since his midnight and 3am numbers are really good where do you
> suggest we make a change to improve his morning lows. Thanks chris

You need more comprehensive data on his bg's at night. Numbers every 
two hours would be helpful. Don't try to get them at two hour 
intervals. Do it on one night every 4 hours then another night every 
four hours offset by two hours. Not the next night.... give yourself 
and your child a break of a day or so. Over a week or so, throwing 
out bad nights, you can build up a composite curve that represents 
his bg trends. With this data you and your med team can easily tweak 
his basals. See my previous post about tight control for kids.

Testing basals is covered in detail in the Basal Rate HOWTO as well 
as in Pumping Insulin.

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