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Re: [IPp] question concerning morning lows

> Hi Chris
> Sounds like you need to do more checks for a few nights to see just
> what is actually going on. When Patricia started pumping, we tried
> hard to get good control but she has what they call dawn phenomia so
> getting them figured out took some time.
> Sounds like maybe he needs a change from 3 am to wake up time. The
> good thing on the pump is that you can have so many different basals
> for different times. I would try less insulin from 3 am to 7 am and
> see how that works Remember it is trial and error and so go easy and
> ask the specialists too for their opinions.

Two things...

1) See the basal rate estimator on the HOWTO page. This tool can give 
you a good idea how bg's might change for a given change in basal 

2) You probably don't want to aim for really tight control at 
night. Lily's basals are adjusted so she nominally rises 25-50 pts 
during the night as a cushion for night time lows induced by 
activity, miscalculated bolus, etc.... you might want to consider 
this and discuss it with your medical team.
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