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[IPp] basal on 4 year old/wearing the pump

Shelley-  Luke uses on .1 basal for daytime??? Wow, that is low.

Madison got the Paradigm and hasn't had pump start.  She is 4 and only 30 lbs.
I anticipate her being at .0 basal for quite a bit of time.  She takes Lantus
- 4.5 units and only about 3-5 units of Novolog per day!   She can often miss
a Novolog shot because she eats so little and even that is often mostly
protein - hot dogs and melted cheese!  She was on a corny dog kick for a
while. Anyway, Helen on the POP list shared about diluting the Humalog.  That
made me feel better -- that there was an option.   I've never had a child go
so low to need glucagon -- but that does scare me with her starting pumping.

My doctor and CDE really wanted to go with Paradigm and Mini- Med.  I just
didn't want to fight them.  She has never prescribed the Animas and didn't
like the pushy (her words) new Animas rep.

I am going to sew some pump belts for Madison.  I was a home ec. teacher so
surely I can do this! And maybe make a "pocket" to pin in a dress or her
shorts.  She prefers dresses.  But really she is so thin and little that
clipping the pump to her panties weighs the panties down!   I read a kids book
about diabetes to her tonight.  She is very bright.  I am taking the idea of
the pump slowly for her.  Is there a kids story book about pumping out there??

A pop lister gave me the great idea of having a basket of wrapped treats that
she could unwrap after each insertion for a while.  I may try that too.

Take care.  Sybil
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