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Re: [IPp] mastisol web sight

Here's a couple web sites where you can order Mastisol:
 <A HREF="http://www.alconeco.com/product_description.cfm?suid=23">Alcone 
Company Inc.: Makeup, Salon and Theatrical Supplies</A>
 <A HREF="http://www.hocks.com/skinpreps/skinpreps_1.html">Skin Preps and 
Adhesive Removers</A>



Mastisol basically comes in 3 forms: 
Spray bottle -- not commonly available & I don't recommend because you can't 
control where it goes (so you end up with sticky stuff where you don't want 

Individual applicator ampules -- very convenient but pricey (cash price would 
be $150-200 a year for 100 applicators if your insurance doesn't cover it -- 
and many don't)

Liquid in a bottle (about 4 oz. I think) --- apply with a q-tip (leaving a 
circle in the middle with no adhesive -- this is where you insert the 
cannula) Be sure to fan it for a few seconds until it's tacky (neither wet or 
dry) before you  insert.  I've seen a bottle priced anywhere from $22-35 but 
it lasts a long time.  We bought our bottle over  a year ago, use it for 
every set change and it's still well over 1/2 full.  I did spring for one box 
of the individual applicators that we use when traveling (who want's mastisol 
spilling all over the stuff in their carry on), have a couple in her supplies 
at school, etc.

BTW, when you got to order pump supplies from Animas will you please ask them 
for Mastisol (they don't carry it -- YET) -- I figure if I can get enough 
pumpers to ask for it they'll start carrying it.  

I've also suggested that they put together a kit of tapes and adhesive 
samples like the one Minimed offers.  It would be so great to be able to get 
just a couple of eash different kind of thing to try so you can figure out 
what works best before you go out and buy stuff . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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