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Re: [IPp] Slip and slide, swimming, and more

>>>We habvr brrn pumping for three years and have
>>>never found anything that
>>>will keep the site in place after a few hours of
>>>water. We have tried
>>>everything to no avail. If you find a product that
>>>works, let us know.

We just recently tried skin-bond cement by Smith & Nephew.  When I asked
about it at our pharmacy, they ordered it for us since they didnt have it
in stock.  Much cheaper that way than ordering it on-line and paying
shipping and handling.  It was like $14 for a bottle of it.  We paint it
on before inserting site, and put small dabs on the sticky site tape, let
dry for 5 minutes than insert set.  To be extra sure, we also put an IV 3000
tape on top of that.  It lasted 4 hours in the water this past Saturday with
no problem.  Matter of fact, it still looked so good, I am betting it would
have lasted twice that.  Unisolve (also by Smith & Nephew) takes it right
off when its time to change the site.  But I think we overdid the paste,
since it took two wipes to get all of it off, lol.

Angela Parham
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