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[IPp] Slip and slide, swimming, and more

Well, the day before yesterday Jacob and his cousin spent half the day on the 
slip and slide.  I disconnected for it because well, I didn't want a broken 
pump less than a week after we started using it.  His tape mainly stayed on.  
The only thing that came off was the IV3000 that we use to put in a safety 
loop.  Yesterday we went swimming from about 11:30 until 4:15.  Around 2:00 
the 3 extra pieces of IV3000 that I put on had all come off and by about 3:00 
the sight had pulled out some so we just took it off.  By 4:00 he was 299, 
easily brought down with a shot of 1unit.  Called the Dr. today and got them 
to call in some Mastisol.  Also called Animas and they are sending us some 
Unisolve.  I just have one question.  Is there any kind of over the counter 
kind of tape that will help the sight stick on?  Like if we don't know that 
we are going to go swimming so we don't put any mastisol on and then want to 
go swimming without a sight change.  Is there some kind of tape that we can 
just stick on the top that will help?  Oh yeah,  Jacob wore his pump swimming 
the whole time (well until it came off).  I figured that the cool water would 
help the insulin not cook.  Anyway, that has been our adventures.  One last 
thing we only left the EMLA cream on for about 15-20 minutes and Jacob said 
that the putting in the sight didn't hurt at all. :o)

Shanna and Jacob (5, dx'd 3-2-99, pumping Animas 6-26-02)
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