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Re: [IPp] Post breakfast highs

You're right!  I forgot to mention prior attempts to address this issue with
the basal.  I have, in the past changed the basal as you suggest (this was
before cranking up the carb ratio for breakfast) and we got very low
readings betwee 8 and 9am (50's).  We do not have a different basal setting
for the weekends (worried that mom and dad will forget to change over on
Fridays and Mondays!), so it may help to know that, when she eats at her
prefered breakfast time on the weekends, which is around 9am, she is usually
well within target range all morning.  She also doesn't seem to go quite so
high after these late breakfasts, even though the content of the meal is
usually the same.

Thanks for the feedback so far.  The consensus is so far seems to be in
favor of ignoring abnormal readings taken less than 2 hours post-meal.  I
would caution against thinking that this is a normal pattern in non-D people
though.  In non-diabetics, no sugar reading should ever be >200, regardless
of food intake.


On 1/8/08, Dianne Shekell <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I read the original post on this and am now reading all the responses, but
> I
> have yet to hear someone suggest (since your child is on a pump) to change
> her basal rate. The pump is designed to "idealy" keep a person's blood
> sugar
> normal the whole day, even if they don't eat at thing.  This is why people
> do basal testing in segments through out the week just to make sure the
> basal is set right.  I think this might be your problem.  Have you ever
> talked to your doctor about changing her basal rate?  Since insulin takes
> a
> couple hours to get to it's peak performance rate and she's always high
> around 8:00-9:00, I would think a rate hike around 6:00am would do the
> trick.  BUT you would then have to put her breakfast ratio back to what it
> originally was.  I think she's back to normal at 9:30 because she's
> getting
> more insulin to cover her carbs than she needs, which in turn would lower
> her reading at 9:30.
>   Even if she's a pokey eater, you shouldn't have that big of a rise in
> blood glucose from 6:00 to 8:00.
> Dianne, Mom to Johnny 15 pumping on a Cozmo
> .
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