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[IPp] Post breakfast highs

I read the original post on this and am now reading all the responses, but I 
have yet to hear someone suggest (since your child is on a pump) to change 
her basal rate. The pump is designed to "idealy" keep a person's blood sugar 
normal the whole day, even if they don't eat at thing.  This is why people 
do basal testing in segments through out the week just to make sure the 
basal is set right.  I think this might be your problem.  Have you ever 
talked to your doctor about changing her basal rate?  Since insulin takes a 
couple hours to get to it's peak performance rate and she's always high 
around 8:00-9:00, I would think a rate hike around 6:00am would do the 
trick.  BUT you would then have to put her breakfast ratio back to what it 
originally was.  I think she's back to normal at 9:30 because she's getting 
more insulin to cover her carbs than she needs, which in turn would lower 
her reading at 9:30.
   Even if she's a pokey eater, you shouldn't have that big of a rise in 
blood glucose from 6:00 to 8:00.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 15 pumping on a Cozmo 
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