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Re: [IPp] Square wave and dual wave bolus


I am new to the MM pump and I don't quite understand the square wave
concept yet.  However, I do know you can choose a time (I usually do
30 minutes) and it gives nothing up front and the whole bolus over the
30 minutes (or whatever time you set).  I use this when Cole is low,
treating the low (juice or tabs) and eating a snack to allow the BG to
come up w/o hitting it right away with insulin.

I use the dual wave for highs &/or when he is eating food with fat in
it (takes longer to digest, therefore longer for the carbs to hit the
blood stream).  I usually do that over 30 minutes too.

Rachel in AZ - Single mom to Cole - 9.5, pumping at 4 with Animas,
pumping at 9.5 with MM, dx'd at 23 months

On 1/6/08, Suzanne Henbest <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi, I am looking for scenarios for using the square wave bolus or dual wave
> bolus.  Can you share your experiences with me? Thank you, Suzanne (Megan 8
> diagnosed at 4, Heather 18, Teddy 16)
> .


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