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Re: [IPp] CGMS

 Thanks for all the info! I am hoping it will help us as it at helped you. We
have an appt scheduled on Jan 18th to get started. It seems so far away! But we
have waited this long for it.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2008 1:57:17 PM
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Thanks for sharing this valuable information.  I think it's very useful even
for those of us that are just thinking of CGMS.

On Jan 2, 2008 1:42 PM, Joy Simon <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Gretchen:
>  My son Jake has been using the CGMS since July, 2006. He was 20 months
> old when
> we started using it. Jake was diagnosed with diabetes at 12 months. Now he
> is 3.
> I must admit it took us 6 months to feel comfortable with the CGMS and
> trust it.
> I wanted to send it back when we first started using it. We hated it. The
> numbers were really off and Jake would cry extremely hard when we inserted
> it.
> It would break my heart to watch him with it. It took a while to learn how
> to
> use it. They also decreased the size of the monitor which helped. Now we
> love
> it. Don't expect miracles right away but stick with it. If you have
> trouble -
> call Metronics and ask them to send a trainer to your house. We did - and
> it was
> helpful.
>  The CGMS reads the sugar in your child's tissue - not the blood sugar. So
> the
> numbers will be different. Low Blood sugar from a glucometer ( blood
> sugar)
> shows up low quicker than the sugars detected by the CGMS. Since the CGMs
> is
> detecting low sugar in the tissue the numbers are higher and take longer
> to
> register low blood sugar. For example: When my son's blood sugar is
> reading 60 -
> the CGMS is showing up as 80 or 90. The key to notice the CGMS trends.
> You'll
> start to learn when your child's blood sugar is going down or rising -
> based on
> the arrows that appear. Two arrows up or down means the blood sugar is
> rising or
> falling 1 point per minute. You'll need to react quickly when you see 2
> arrows
> going down.
> Here are some helpful hints that we found:
>  1. When you insert the CGMS sensor - do not insert it straight into the
> skin.
> Try to insert it at an angle. If you go straight in - you will be in
> tissue that
> does not have a lot of blood near it. The bloody tissue is closer to the
> surface
> of the skin and we find the numbers are more accurate.
>  2. Calibrate the CGMS before your child eats. You should probably
> calibrate 3
> times a day. Once we figured this out our numbers got more accurate. We
> calibrate before breakfast, before dinner and then at 11 pm at night while
> my
> child is sleeping.
>  3. The CGMS is usually 20-30 points different than the glucometer.
> Sometimes
> it's more. Never trust the the CGMS numbers without checking the blood
> sugar.
> The CGMS is not supposed to replace your glucometer. ( However, we now
> realize
> that the CGMS is closer to how Jake is feeling than the blood sugar
> reading from
> the glucometer. I think his brain doesn't register low blood sugar right
> away.
> So we think the CGMS is a better picture of what Jake is actually
> feeling).
>  4. IT is hard to hear the CGMS alarm when your child is showing low blood
> sugar
> - especially at night. The alarm does not wake up my 3 year old. This is a
> problem for us. We have a baby monitor in Jake's room and sometimes we
> hear the
> alarm and sometimes we don't. Just be aware of this.
>  Let me know if you have other questions. I'll be glad to give you more
> pointers
> when you are ready. We've been using it a while now and are pretty
> comfortable
> with it. We really like the CGMS now. It's saved us several times from
> serious
> lows.
> Good luck!
>  Joy - mom to Jake age 3, dxd 12/05 at 12 months. Pumping minimed since
> 5/06,
> cgms since 7/06
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> [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf Of Gretchen
> Dudek
> Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 8:10 AM
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> Subject: [IPp] CGMS
>  Zoey's CGMS for her Minimed pump just came in the mail today. I was so
> excited
> for her until I took a look at the intro-needle. YIKES! Any advice or
> input on
> insertions, and how to use this in general would be wonderful. We are
> getting
> trained on it within the week. I'm hoping it makes a big difference for
> us.
> Gretchen
>  Mom to Zoey, 7, dx 9/03, pumping since 5/04 (have been on all 3 major
> pumps!),
> and sweet Mia, 5.

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