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Re: [IPp] CGMS


Thanks for sharing this valuable information.  I think it's very useful even
for those of us that are just thinking of CGMS.

On Jan 2, 2008 1:42 PM, Joy Simon <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Gretchen:
>  My son Jake has been using the CGMS since July, 2006. He was 20 months
> old when
> we started using it. Jake was diagnosed with diabetes at 12 months. Now he
> is 3.
> I must admit it took us 6 months to feel comfortable with the CGMS and
> trust it.
> I wanted to send it back when we first started using it. We hated it. The
> numbers were really off and Jake would cry extremely hard when we inserted
> it.
> It would break my heart to watch him with it. It took a while to learn how
> to
> use it. They also decreased the size of the monitor which helped. Now we
> love
> it. Don't expect miracles right away but stick with it. If you have
> trouble -
> call Metronics and ask them to send a trainer to your house. We did - and
> it was
> helpful.
>  The CGMS reads the sugar in your child's tissue - not the blood sugar. So
> the
> numbers will be different. Low Blood sugar from a glucometer ( blood
> sugar)
> shows up low quicker than the sugars detected by the CGMS. Since the CGMs
> is
> detecting low sugar in the tissue the numbers are higher and take longer
> to
> register low blood sugar. For example: When my son's blood sugar is
> reading 60 -
> the CGMS is showing up as 80 or 90. The key to notice the CGMS trends.
> You'll
> start to learn when your child's blood sugar is going down or rising -
> based on
> the arrows that appear. Two arrows up or down means the blood sugar is
> rising or
> falling 1 point per minute. You'll need to react quickly when you see 2
> arrows
> going down.
> Here are some helpful hints that we found:
>  1. When you insert the CGMS sensor - do not insert it straight into the
> skin.
> Try to insert it at an angle. If you go straight in - you will be in
> tissue that
> does not have a lot of blood near it. The bloody tissue is closer to the
> surface
> of the skin and we find the numbers are more accurate.
>  2. Calibrate the CGMS before your child eats. You should probably
> calibrate 3
> times a day. Once we figured this out our numbers got more accurate. We
> calibrate before breakfast, before dinner and then at 11 pm at night while
> my
> child is sleeping.
>  3. The CGMS is usually 20-30 points different than the glucometer.
> Sometimes
> it's more. Never trust the the CGMS numbers without checking the blood
> sugar.
> The CGMS is not supposed to replace your glucometer. ( However, we now
> realize
> that the CGMS is closer to how Jake is feeling than the blood sugar
> reading from
> the glucometer. I think his brain doesn't register low blood sugar right
> away.
> So we think the CGMS is a better picture of what Jake is actually
> feeling).
>  4. IT is hard to hear the CGMS alarm when your child is showing low blood
> sugar
> - especially at night. The alarm does not wake up my 3 year old. This is a
> problem for us. We have a baby monitor in Jake's room and sometimes we
> hear the
> alarm and sometimes we don't. Just be aware of this.
>  Let me know if you have other questions. I'll be glad to give you more
> pointers
> when you are ready. We've been using it a while now and are pretty
> comfortable
> with it. We really like the CGMS now. It's saved us several times from
> serious
> lows.
> Good luck!
>  Joy - mom to Jake age 3, dxd 12/05 at 12 months. Pumping minimed since
> 5/06,
> cgms since 7/06
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>  Zoey's CGMS for her Minimed pump just came in the mail today. I was so
> excited
> for her until I took a look at the intro-needle. YIKES! Any advice or
> input on
> insertions, and how to use this in general would be wonderful. We are
> getting
> trained on it within the week. I'm hoping it makes a big difference for
> us.
> Gretchen
>  Mom to Zoey, 7, dx 9/03, pumping since 5/04 (have been on all 3 major
> pumps!),
> and sweet Mia, 5.
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