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RE: [IPp] My son is now pumping!!

Hi Sandra,

I never post, but had to reply to yours...My son, also Joseph, started
pumping on 8/04 (diabetic since 2000).  We've hit some bumps along the
way, but for the most part love our IR1200.  We never realized how much,
until his pump broke this past Saturday night.  The occlussion alarm went
off and we could not get it working again; the Animas wrep told us that,
based on the alarm code, the pump was pretty much gone.  Because it was a
weekend, we had to wait until Monday for replacement to be mailed to
us. Our new pump arrived promptly on Tuesday morning as promissed (UPS
was ringing my door bell before 10:00am on Tues).

Going back on shots was just horrible for my son; his "freedom" was gone
and even though his numbers were not too bad, I could tell he was not
himself and he kept complaing that he did not feel well and even his
teacher comented to me that his attention in class was not the same. 
When Joseph came home from school on Tues to find his new pump, he broke
into tears and asked to be hooked up right away.  This little boy, who
was up until then, still afraid of sight changes, took out all his pump
supplies, laid them out on the kitchen table for me and was waiting for
me with his shirt lifted up to be re-connected.

Good luck to you and Joseph!!

Ivi, mom to JP, 6, dx'd D 1/2000, C 8/2003, pumping 8/2004

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Joseph had his pump start, and it went great!  We had no problem doing
the insertion (which I was most anxious about).  We used the Inset and
inserted in one of his very small "love handles." Last night at midnight
he was 76.  Normally, at that time I would have to give him a snack to
prevent the inevitable low, but last night I took his basal down from
.125/hr to .075.  At 3am, he was 102, and at 6am he was 103...
incredible! I know he'll hit some bumps as we get further along, but the
fact that he didn't need a shot at dinner or bedtime or breakfast this
morning has me so choked up.   He is loving the pump... loves being able
to put his carbs in and bolus himself, loves not having to wait for the
nurse at school to draw up a shot before his lunch...  this is just so
great. This afternoon we complete our pump training, and then that's
it.  Although, I have left a message with our Animas rep about the new IR
1250, since he told me in December that we would get a free upgrade if
the new version came out within a month of our purchase... hopefully
we'll qualify (we received the pump on 12/31, but couldn't get training
til yesterday!).  I really want the upgrade because it will give us some
of the things I really liked about the Deltec (the ability to program and
name specific food boluses) and more (a customized 500-item food database
on the pump that Joseph could access at anytime-- i.e, he loves my pesto
pasta-- I could enter this food item with the carb, fat, protein, etc..
then he could access it by name, from his pump... awesome). Sooo, I'm
sure we'll have questions as we move further along, but I just want to
thank all of you for the wonderful information you've provided in these
months leading up to our pump start.  I don't think we would have gotten
Joseph on the pump so soon after diagnosis had I not had access to the
knowledge and support provided by the people on this forum. Sandra, mom
to Joseph, age 9 dx'd 8/19/04 -- pumping with the Animas IR 1200 and very
happy not to be getting any shots today!!
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