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[IPp] Animas Corporation launches the IR 1250 Insulin Infusion Pump

 Suuuuuure... just as soon as I get the 1200 they gotta come out with something
better! LOL!

 Rachel - Single mom to Cole, 6.5, pumping with Animas 1000 at 4, with 1200 6.5,
dx'd at 23 months

January 26, 2005 08:01 AM US Eastern Timezone 

 Animas Corporation launches the IR 1250 Insulin Infusion Pump, the first
insulin pump to store an extensive food database

 WEST CHESTER, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 26, 2005--Animas Corporation
(NASDAQ:PUMP), a leading manufacturer of insulin pumps, announced today the
launch of its newest insulin pump, the Animas IR 1250 in the first half of
February 2005.

 The IR 1250 is another step towards Animas' quest to make diabetes management
easier. Specifically, the product incorporates a food database of up to 500
items, consisting of customized items entered by the patient and/or items chosen
by patients from the popular CalorieKing 3,000 food-item database. Intensive
management of diabetes requires that people with diabetes administer insulin to
compensate for carbohydrates ingested. The IR 1250's incorporation of a food
database reduces patient's guesswork when counting carbohydrates, allowing for
more accurate dosing of insulin.

 Another new feature of the IR 1250 is the incorporation of tunes for alerts.
Patients can customize audio notification for alerts with their own compositions
or choose from popular songs. The IR 1250 will also allow patients or healthcare
providers to enter sick-day tips to their pump to help control diabetes during
times of illness.

 The IR 1250 follows in the footsteps of earlier generations of Animas pumps
with its waterproof integrity, ease of use, long battery life and advanced
features for more precise insulin delivery.

 According to Dr. Katherine Crothall, CEO and President, "Many people with
diabetes struggle with carbohydrate counting, and either find it very
time-consuming or do a less-than-accurate job with it. Having an extensive food
database incorporated in our pump is an important step forward in pump therapy.
We are also very pleased to break ground with the incorporation of customized
tunes. Many people, particularly teenagers, wish to be discreet with their
diabetes, and using tunes in lieu of beeps help them achieve this goal. Our IR
1250 pump not only looks like a small cell phone, but it now sounds like one as

 "We continue to strive for greater advancements in diabetes management as
reflected in our recent acquisition of our MicroPump(TM) and MicroNeedle(TM)
technology from Debiotech, S.A. Our significant progress in developing a more
accurate continuous glucose sensor, our continued advancements in insulin pump
development, and our micro technology take us yet another step closer towards a
viable closed loop system," Dr. Crothall notes.

Rachel - email @ redacted/jracheln

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