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> Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 10:03:45 -0700
> From: Natalie R <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPp] AST
> I am entering this conversation very late.  But I have a question
> about alternative site testing (AST).  We have used it a bit, but
> don't do it currently.  I try to get Andrea to avoid her pointer
> finger or thumb, but she prefers the thumb because of ease for her.
> (She tests herself most of the waking hours.)  Because of being dx'd
> at a young age, I really do worry about her little fingers.
> Here's my question - do your kids have bruising with AST?  Andrea was
> getting lots of little TINY bruises on her arms where we tested there.
>  Got a little scary looking after a while.  What lancing device do you
> use?  We use the Freestyle Flash but hate their lancing devices.  We
> still use the One Touch Ultra lancing device, which we really like.
> We also have a vaculance that we used on Andrea's arm.  It makes it
> easier to get a sample, but could that be what is leading to the
> bruising?
Hi Natalie,
 My son has used AST exclusively since he was diagnosed almost 5 years ago.
He has some horrible scars on his arms from poking in the SAME spot over and
over.  When we were using the ultra one strips we had to use the vaculance
in order to get enough blood but since we've started using the cozmonitor
and the freestyle strips - we don't need nearly as much blood so we've been
using the freestyle poker.  He would prefer to use a vaculance but since
he's managed to lose two of these $25 pokers that insurance won't pay for -
he no longer has access to one!  Looking at his arms now I'm not sure if I'm
a fan of AST but when he was first dx'd he cried constantly about his
fingers hurting and when we found the vaculance it seemed a good way to go!
Mom to Kendra, Sean (dx 5/00, cozmo 11/03), Kara, and Kelli
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