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Re: [IPp] Out of control flu

 First off if you are referring to the "Flu" how come your son didn't get a
"Flu" shot? If its a stomach virus, that's different. Basically you have to cut
back on insulin. Usually stomach virus makes diabetics go very low, because of
the No Food to Insulin ratio not being there. Therefore, you have to try
anything with carbs and sugar to keep him from falling to low. If he is on pump
he should suspend and constantly take blood sugars. If he's manually doing
shots, stick with small amounts of humalog and/or Lantus, this way you have a
little more control over. Gatorade, syrup from canned fruit, warm soda, etc.
whatever works but don't force. Body seems to know when it wants or needs
something. Dehydration is hard to prevent. I hope this helps a little. We've
been lucky, no flu or stomach virus in my daughter's history since she started
flu shots, over 10 yrs. ago. Good luck I hope he has better luck in future,
remember its not too late to get a flu shot. You can still catch flu well into
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