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Re: [IPp] sore fingers

As an RN, I've not heard of an age limit.  As to how to use, it's very
simple.  Of course you first should get a meter approved for alternate site
testing.  I like the Freestyle or Freestyle Flash because it requires a very
tiny amount of blood.  You can get a free one if you purchase 100 strips -
in fact, I've even seen an offer or two that says 50.  You can find out more
about the Freestyle by going to http://www.therasense.com/index.aspx and you
can find out more on how to use the Freestyle by going to
I'm sure others will recommend other meters, but that is my choice and has
been for nearly three years.  Just remember that, if you use alternate site
testing - especially on someone as young as your daughter who can't tell you
she is feeling low - you need to be a bit more careful.  My advice would be
that if you get a reading on an alternate site of less than 90 or so and
perhaps 110 or so at night, check the finger in a few minutes to be sure she
isn't low or dropping.  We don't necessarily do that with our son because he
is 13, but we do have him eat a snack at bedtime if he is below 100.  Of
course we test him at least twice during the night, so it just depends on
how much you want to micromanage.

Chuck H.      email @ redacted

----- > We've wanted to start using "alternative sites" as my
> poor 18month old daughter already has little scars on
> her tiny fingers - we test about 8-10 times a day
> since she can't communicate anything about her sugars
> or symptoms yet.  Anyway, we asked the CDE about it
> and got nowhere - is there an age limit on this?
> Where do we find out how to do it?  We use the
> Accucheck compact (for insurance reasons - we prefer
> the onetouch ultra, but it wasn't an option).
> Thanks
> Octavia, mom to Ailsa, dx'd at 11 months, pumping
> since 14 months (9/04)
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