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Re: [IPp] sore fingers

We've wanted to start using "alternative sites" as my
poor 18month old daughter already has little scars on
her tiny fingers - we test about 8-10 times a day
since she can't communicate anything about her sugars
or symptoms yet.  Anyway, we asked the CDE about it
and got nowhere - is there an age limit on this? 
Where do we find out how to do it?  We use the
Accucheck compact (for insurance reasons - we prefer
the onetouch ultra, but it wasn't an option).

Octavia, mom to Ailsa, dx'd at 11 months, pumping
since 14 months (9/04)
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> Lynn,
> Not everyone may agree with me, but here goes.  I'd
> recommend you get
> something like a Freestyle or Freestyle Flash meter
> and , for the most part,
> do alternate site testing.  The only time my son
> (now age 13, but diagnosed
> at 10) checks his bg on his finger is if we think he
> appears to be dropping
> fairly rapidly.  We've been doing that for two and a
> half years now and it
> has worked just fine. We've probably not checked his
> fingers more than 15
> times in all this time. Of course with the alternate
> site testing (generally
> the forearm) he tests at least four times daily and
> we check him at least
> twice and usually three times each night.
> Chuck H.      email @ redacted
> ----- 
> Subject: [IPp] sore fingers
> > My 10 year old son has not been wanting to go to
> his typing classes
> because
> > his fingers hurt. Has this happened to anyone else
> or does anyone have any
> > ideas I could try?
> > Thanks
> > Lynn
> > Mom of Austin pumping since 10/04
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