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RE: [IPp] Goldfish + Insulin = Not Pretty

Hi Rachel,

That's such an interesting story.  It's amazing.  I have corresponded with 
you in the past since I'm a single Mom too.  I have full legal and physical 
custody of my twins.  Anyway,  that is so great that you are going to 
school.  From what I recall, didn't you drive a school bus?


>From: Rachel A <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPp] Goldfish + Insulin = Not Pretty
>Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 15:44:52 -0800 (PST)
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>  Yesterday in A&P II (anatomy & physiology) we watched a video on the 
>effects of
>different endocrine systems on animals. One was with a goldfish placed in 
>"A" that had a mix of 100ml of water and 400 "international units" of 
>(they said it can absorb the insulin through it's gills which I found fishy 
>pun not intended). Within 5 minutes the fish was twitching. Within 10 
>the fish was swimming on it's side, trying to right itself. Within 20 
>minutes it
>was out cold (in a coma). They then placed it in bowl B which had water 
>didn't specify how much) & 10% glucose solution. Within 5 minutes he was
>twitching. After 15 minutes, he was up swimming around like normal. It was
>  I have seen this with Cole quite often. He usually falls asleep when low. 
>just grab a juice box & give it to him. Then I check his BG. By then he 
>wakes up
>& looks at me all crazy. He almost always asks if he fell asleep. I say yes 
>lecture him that when he feels low, dizzy, etc.. he needs to check his BG 
>tell me to. ::(
>  I wish the brain wasn't such a glucose hog but it is. It's amazing how 
>the body is.
>Thanks for listening,
>  Rachel - Future (hopeful) RN/CDE, Single mom to Cole, 6.5, pumping at 4, 
>at 23 months old
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