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Re: [IPp] RE: Infusions Sets and Pump Choices

In a message dated 1/18/2005 4:43:43 PM Central Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

However,  now that we have the Cozmo and are trying to use it, Lynnea is
getting very  frustrated as to how bulky it is and how to wear it. She has
pump packs,  but it is still hard to get it in and out. Also, our
Cozmonitor doesn't  always work the first or even second time. We turn it
on, put in a strip,  and sometimes nothing happens, sometimes the pump
turns off, and we have to  put the strip in several times to get it to
work. Does anyone else have  this problem?

We are on our second cozmonitor because we needed to order a new battery  lid 
and the only way to get one was to have them change out the whole cozmonitor  
set.  We did not have the problem you describe with the first cozmonitor  but 
are definitely having it with the second one.  It is very irrititating  to me 
when I test Dan during the night; I can imagine how annoying it is  to kids 
who just want to test and get back to what they were doing.  I  am going to 
 call the manufacturer tomorrow--intended to do it today but forgot until I saw
your post!
Re:  pump packs.  There are lots of sites with cute ones girls  might like; 
Dan just sticks the pump in his pants pocket most of the time, but  at night 
uses a clip'n'go from diabetes mall at
 (http://www.diabetesnet.com/ishop/index.php?cPath=45) He just squeezes it into
his cozmo one, but
I see that now they have versions  that are supposed to accomodate the 
cozmonitor as well.  Hope this  helps.
Mary (mom of  Chris, 21, Carrie, 17, guardian of Mike, 17, and mom of Dan, 
13, dx 4-01,  pumping Cozmo since 5-03)
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