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[IPp] RE: Infusions Sets and Pump Choices

We looked at the Animas 1200 and the Cozmo pumps. We finally decided to
get the Cozmo mainly because it had less text on the screen at one time,
and the suggested insulin dose comes up automatically and all Lynnea has
to do is press enter. On the Animas, there seemed to be a lot of text on
the screen and once the suggested insulin dose is on the screen, you
still have to input that number. Lynnea seemed to get lost in all that
text and kept making mistakes in how much insulin to give herself. (She
has some vision issues; currently getting vision therapy).

However, now that we have the Cozmo and are trying to use it, Lynnea is
getting very frustrated as to how bulky it is and how to wear it. She has
pump packs, but it is still hard to get it in and out. Also, our
Cozmonitor doesn't always work the first or even second time. We turn it
on, put in a strip, and sometimes nothing happens, sometimes the pump
turns off, and we have to put the strip in several times to get it to
work. Does anyone else have this problem?

Now I am questionning as to whether I made the right choice. Maybe she
would have learned how to use the Animas in time. But, maybe we will get
used to the Cozmo in time too. I am just currently very unsure that I
chose correctly and maybe should have waited longer to decide.

We are also having problems getting the sites to stick. We started with
Quicksets, but they kept falling off in about 24 hours (after using IV
prep and/or Skin Prep). We got an order of Insets yesterday and we are
trying one of those now. Any other suggestions for making them stick?
During her saline trial, we had to use Unisolve to get it off. Now I
can't get them to stay on to save my life! I don't know what I am doing

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I have learned a lot from this group
and like to hear other people's experiences.  Starting the pump was
harder than I thought. A lot of issues to work through.

Rebecca, mother to: Amber, 21 Cambria, 17 Nathan, 16 Lynnea age 8,
diagnosed IDDM 1/03, currently pumping Cozmo (Father David currently
serving in Iraq, due back in April 2005) Seattle, WA
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