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[IPp] Endo's Site Preference for those teen years?

I need some information from the List.  My 11 year old's endo told us
yesterday that he wanted her to start inserting her sites herself, not
using her insertor for the Quicksets.  He doesn't like the "straight-in"
sites, prefers the tenders which go in at an angle and has no insertor. 
I am frustrated because it took a long time for Amelia to do her own site
changes which she now does very willingly and with no stress for all
involved!  I feel as if we are going backwards.  It was such a let down
to her.  He said that sites such as the Quicksets don't work as well
during puberty.  Her A1C wasn't as low as we had liked, a 7.8, but he
said that is common during puberty onset.  We are also changing pumps to
the Animas 1200 so I am choosing to focus on changing pumps and not
sets/insertion at this time.

Your opinions as well as your children's endo opinion on sites would be
greatly welcomed.  Also, any negatives on the Animas 1200?

Cheri, Mom to Amelia, 11, D 1-00 and P 12-00

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